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dscf2359.JPG          dscf2514.JPG

My parents 2006                               My parents in law 2006

Mother died Aug. 25, 2013              Father in law died Jan. 18, 2011

Father died Aug. 19, 2016

dscf2149.JPG          my-academic-advisor.jpg

My aunt, wife, and two kids 2006      My advisor, Frank Bennett

nomoto-sensei-mie-university-japan-2006.jpg          okuda-sensei-2006.JPG

Nomoto Sensei, Japan 2006            Okuda Sensei, Japan 2006


autumn-japan-2005.jpg          winter-japan-2006.jpg

Autumn, Japan, November 2005      Winter, Japan, February 2006


spring-japan-2006.jpg            summer-japan-2006.jpg

Spring, Japan, April 2006                 Summer, Japan, August 2006

a-small-gathering-at-my-house-cambodia-september-2006.jpg           chiryu-japan-january-2006.jpg

My house, Cambodia 2006              Chiryu, Japan, January 2006


hoeuns-house-cambodia-august-2006.jpg         korainkei.jpg

Hoeun’s House, Cambodia              Korankei, Japan

dscf1270.JPG         dscf2549.JPG

Chiryu, Japan, February 11, 2006    My wife’s family 2006

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