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                An Empty Bottle

           Posted on November 19, 2006 

Once upon a time, there were two foreigners in Japan.While walking along the street, Say and Chay wanted to know the policemen because they thought there were no policemen in the street. Say: I have never seen policemen so far. Do you think so, Chay? Chay: Me, too. In our country there are so many policemen, and sometimes policewomen. Say: People here have never thrown the waste things away. Now I have a soft drink bottle. I did not find where to waste it. Could I throw it here? Chay: Let me look for the police. If there are not policemen, then I ask you to throw it. Say: Do you see the policemen? Chay: No, it is your time to throw it anywhere you want. Say: I throw it here. Puch!!!!!!……. I see it is easy, no problem at all. Chay: Let’s go. Say: I am so tired. We shall stop here. Chay: Yes. Say: There are a few people coming here. I think they want to take a rest near us. Chay: Don’t care about that. Policemen: (in Japanese) Kore wa nan desuka? (What is this?) Say: Chay!! This is my soft drink bottle, which I threw it at the moment. Chay: Onh! Say: (to the police) This is an empty bottle. Policemen: Please, pay me 1,000 yen as a fine. Say: Oh!!!! Here it is. ………….Crazy!! (PHLEU! PHLEU!!) Fine me only 1,000 yen, at the moment I spat my saliva on it; they did not know.       

        Lunch time

            Posted on November 20, 2006 

Two ASEAN people at the Cafeteria inJapan.

Chef: Please take a spoon over there (in Japanese)Ra (thought quietly): I thought she asked me to sit on the table over there. I did not have a spoon yet. Immediately, I saw short spoons near the chef. Those spoons were short spoons. Normally, they served for porridge. I decided to take it. Chef: No, the spoons are there. Ra: Oh! I see.Pha: Ra! Please observe what are they doing after eating? Ra and Pha: We do not know how to move tableware after eating. Where are to put spoons, where are to put dishes, where are to put chopsticks? Let put here all, no problem. Chef: Excuse me; please put it again, here is for spoons and there is for dishes. Thank you. Ra and Pha: Oh! Yes. Ra: You know, Pha! At the moment I dropped a chopstick on the floor near my feet, the chef did not know at all. Then Ra and Pha are about to go out. But another chef came to Ra, please take your dropped chopstick out. Ra: Oh! Yes. Pha: You know, here, nothing is dropped messily. Ra: Yes, I thought I could do it.

Breakfast in a restaurant in a developed country

        Posted on November 21, 2006

There were two people from the developing countries. When they first came to the developed country, the first morning they experienced in a cafeteria.

Sam (thought quietly): Why Rom ate only sandwiches. Oh! He might not like eating butter. Rom (thought quietly): There are a lot of kinds of things to eat. I have never experienced in eating them. So I have to eat only sandwiches, and then drink orange juice. Oh! Lastly, I have butter. I have to finish it. Sam: Ah! You can eat butter! Why don’t you eat it with sandwiches? Rom: Sorry, I do not know how to eat with. So I just try everything. Sam: Onh! I see!!! No problem they will go together!!!

               The first day in Tsu–Mistake the car               

                Posted on November 22, 2006 

Ben and Jane: We go to the university together. Ben: We should go on the bus number 51-1. Jane: Oh! This bus, please get on faster, Ben. (Jane seems to hurry to get on the bus) Ben: We confused the car.Jane: Why? Ben: You see, this is a bus number 91-0) Jane: How can we do? Passenger: (Japanese) What happens? Ben: Excuse me; I want to go to Mie University. Passenger: This bus goes to the hospital.Jane: What can we do? Ben: Oh! Jane. We have to walk from the hospital to our university. Jane: I got tired. It takes longer time than getting on the bus. Ben: You see, mistake the car is like this!!! So rushing is not always a good idea. Jane: I see!!!!!!

                  Second day–take the right car

            Posted on December 1, 2006

Ben: We have to take a bus number 51-1. Do not so rush like yesterday. Jane: Yes,… I trust you. Ben and Jane: Get on this bus. Ben: You see its number is 51-1. Jane: Oh! Ben the bus stops here. We have to get off. Ben: No, you see this is the hospital. Ben and Jane: This is our university. Why the bus does not stop here. Why??? (Ben and Jane did not ring; therefore the bus passes the university without having a stop.) Passenger: What’s matter? Ben: I have to get off that bridge where I can go to my university. Now the bus has passed it. What can I do? Can I ring? Passenger: No, you have a stop next bus stop. Bus: Stop. Ben and Jane: Oh, hurry up!!! We have to go back to that bridge, the previous bus stop.  Ben: You see these two stops are not near, about 2 km. Jane: It takes more time than yesterday. Ben: This is our second experience. We remember!!!!!!!!!!

A holiday in Japan-Lunch in the restaurant

              Posted on December 14, 2006

 Mok (dial to Sao): Moshimoshi Soa! We want to have lunch at this hotel restaurant today. Soa: Hi. What time? Mok: At twelve. Mok and Soa: Let’s get in the restaurant. Mok: I do not see any pictures of food in the menu. I don’t know how to order. Soa: Where’s the menu? Chef: Here it is. (The menu is written in only Japanese language and both of them could not read, they could recognize only the price of each menu item. No waiters can speak Englsih) Mok: How can I get rice? Soa: I take this. (He pointed the price 300 yen) Mok: I take this. (He pointed the price 500 yen) Chef: Please sit down on the table and wait a moment. Mok: Soa! We wait a bit longer time. Now you have a pack of this thing. It is probably a pack of coffee. And you have a glass of transparent liquid. It might be hot water. So you can drink coffee for your lunch. Soa: What’s transparent liquid? Mok: Touch it. Soa: Oh! It’s cold. I smell it. It is wine, my god!!!!! Mok: Wow! Soa: I check that pack. Oh! It is not coffee. It is a peanut. Mok: So, today, your lunch is wine. And I do not know my lunch yet. Chef: Please. Mok: Oh! It is noodles. I eat noodles for my lunch. I didn’t expect to eat noodles here!!! Soa: Oh! 300 yen is just a glass of wine and a pack of peanut. You are luckier than me; you can eat noodles for your lunch. Mok: No. Do not say so. Noodles are horrible for me! Soa and Mok: Oh! We see!!! Without knowing any words of this language it is very terrible. We can’t get the correct food we want!!! Soa: I could not drink wine for lunch. Let go to the convenience store!!!


7 Responses to Gags

  1. Vuthy says:

    Oh…that is your joke? Honestly, I don’t laugh at all.
    What should I do? ^o^

  2. Phalthy says:

    If you don’t laugh until you finish reading, please ask someone nearby you to tickle you so that you may laugh! OK?
    Thanks a lot for your patience!

  3. vuthy says:

    probably, my sense of humor is quite different and unique than other persons!

  4. Chantha says:

    Dear Bong Palthy,

    You are look very bright ne! YOu do a lot of things in here ne! I very proud of you. I do hope to learn something new from you ne!

    Pls don’t forget me ne! Origato !

    All the best!


  5. Phalthy says:

    You may not burst out laughing when finishing it. You then may need someone nearby you to tickle you when you finish reading!!!

  6. Lydet Pidor says:

    Frankly speaking, I used to experience few of these stories in real life. So that, I would say these are not only about funny, but also lessons learned in term of new people with no experience in a new places.

    Anyway, thank for your sharing professor, though several of them not really funny.

    B.A. senior of Development Economics, RULE,

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